About Us

news paperBorn out of passion for success, motivated and driven by a vision and value system, AFLINK is focused on building over its successes and loyalty to its customers since 2006. 

AFLINK is an advertising agency that has been on the forefront of advertising for over 8 years.

We have emerged as one of Rwanda’s leaders in the industry through our belief in being the best. 

AFLINK acts as a ‘one-stop’ solution centre for clients interested or planning for strategic indoor & outdoor media campaigns. We offer variety of add-on services (i.e. site buying & negotiations, site management, campaign strategy, location consultation, visual consultation and many more) to assist clients in attaining their objectives for their outdoor campaign and maximizing their investment.

We currently have outdoor billboards in more than 20 locations throughout the country and this year (2014) we have a network of three (3) LED digital advertising billboards of 8m x 4m  across the city of Kigali. Thousands of people pass by our billboards that are located at strategic areas within the city.


Mission Statement and Core Values The group operates under a corporate culture based on integrity and fairness in all its business dealings. These values may be summarized as follows: • To enhance the result of operations to all its stakeholders, i.e., shareholders and employees • To contribute to the common good of the community it serves • Integrity and commitment to all contractual obligations to all of its customers • To assure the long term on-going viability of the company Vision Statement To be known as a company that provides service quality, integrity, and commitment to all of its clientele and a pillar in the business community. ..Read More